Monthly Steel Base

Monthly Steel Base for 2021

Conex Cable is committed to giving our customers the information they need for pricing given to them based on metal fluctuations. Here you will find the Conex Monthly Steel Base for both Aluminum-clad Steel (AS) and for Galvanized Steel (GS).

Month Year Aluminum-Clad Steel (AS) Galvanized Steel (GS)
JAN 2021 0.9400 0.7557
FEB 2021 0.9825 0.8074
MAR 2021 0.9950 0.8081
APR 2021 1.0200 0.8307
MAY 2021 1.0350 0.8400
JUN 2021 1.1025 0.9131
Note: This is for information purposes only. The terms applied to your unique quote or order are to be followed as agreed upon.